How companies are tackling the sustainability issues in business

A favorable current that we can observe nowadays is the advancement of awareness of both organisations and individuals in regard to the influence we actually have on our planet.

One of the challenges that is distinctly growing awareness among the average customers is that of waste disposal. With markets like fast fashion producing excessive amounts of products, which end up being disposed of due to a saturation of the market, phenomena like the rise of sustainable fashion show how people are becoming aware of the range of materials that are used and disposed of, choosing products rendered of reusable – or even upcycled – components or product packaging. Examples like Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH’s American expansion are an instance of how the recycling sector is definitely one to look out for, as consumer sustainability trends show a definite growth in the demand for recyclable packaging (or even lack thereof) and goods that are made of material which is not too harmful to the environment.

Taking a look at the recent market, one of the large business sustainability trends is the demand for products that are reusable: becoming conscious of the effect of the amount of waste we create as human, for example the resulting pollution in the oceans, so many customers are overtly demanding that reusable ideas are accessible as an alternative for single-use ones. This has resulted in a few several projects, from charging extra for a plastic bag or disposable coffee cup to encourage clients to bring their own reusable one from home, to people campaigning for packaging-free products like greens, or companies stopping to provide plastic straws with their refreshments. As a consequence, companies like Chilly Bottles’ international partnership have responded well to the consumer demand for sustainable products, and governments are motivating numerous chains to provide free refills of water to avoid purchasing much more single-use plastic bottles.

If we give some thought to a market like the power one, which is distinctly spread just about everywhere on the planet and widely used for numerous facets of our everyday lives, we can absolutely pinpoint one among the key global issues on sustainable practice: the collection and refinery of resources that might be turned into energy. Many factors of this process actually have an impact on the planet: from the category of resource that is being sourced, to the way it is made or gathered, the potential contamination formed by the manufacturing procedure, the way the machinery is made, the distribution, and the list goes on. For this reason, companies that begin to favour renewable resources over fossil fuels will definitely actually have a headstart in the the business world in the near future, as revealed by the interest of Energias de Portugal’s US shareholder. This trend is a demonstration of the importance of sustainability in business.

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